суббота, 13 февраля 2010 г.

Пидарасы у рупора

С Еврогеймера. Торияма про ебанистическую линейность:

""When you are still in Cocoon the gameplay is still quite story-driven, and our intention is, by doing so, we allow the players to learn the basic operation of the game and to discover the basic story, the basic concept of the game. So it's a sort of intuitive stage in the game. Indeed, it's understandable some people might call it linear. That's where that comes from.
"But in the second half, once you get down to Pulse, it's quite free gameplay, it opens out. So if you like that particular game style, maybe you should be a little bit patient."

 Ещё раз: чтобы познать базисы сюжета и разобраться в основах геймплея, мы проходим половину игры. Геймдизайн, ок.

"Ex-SOLDIER, huh? Didn't catch your name..."

Китасе: "And also the battle scenes - when we, well not this team, but when the company produced XII, some people said OK, well it was very seamless but it wasn't all that spectacular, the wow factor was missing."

Жертвовать субстанцией ради стиля, супер. Сраные фанаты финалки катят её в сраное говно.

Торияма: "We did actually take a look at games like BioWare's, and Fallout as well," he says. "But rather than that, we took more inspiration from FPS games like Call of Duty and Halo."

Как там было, "контерстрайкеры - чмо и должны умереть"?
В общем, тут тоже всё понятно. Пыщьпыщь, говносюжет и куча пафоса, тонны бабла, скворечник хочет так же.

Торияма: "Indeed, you basically operate the playing character only, but at the same time you will get the kind of feel as though you were, in a way, controlling all three members of the party."

Перевожу: "Вы управляете одним, но вам кажется, что управляете всеми." 

Торияма: "If you study the battle system of this game, you will understand that there is something called Paradigm Shift incorporated, which is a brand-new concept." Paradigm Shift allows you to switch the playable character between classes - such as Medic or Ravager, an offensive mage - on the fly during battle.

Два слова: Dressphere Change.
FFXIII -is- bloody FFX-3.