пятница, 5 июня 2015 г.

Nomura vs Tabata

Смотрите, что я откопал: интервью с Табатой, в котором он утверждает, что сюжет и персонажи уже утверждены Номурой и останутся нетронутыми. Лживая сука, вот он кто.

Но это ещё не всё!

Если покопаться в интервью Номуры тех времен, когла пятнашка только была анонсирована, в них есть прелестнейшие цитаты. Смотрите-ка:

  • We thought about getting rid of UI, throwing away the damage point display system of previous games, and making Noctis the only playable character. But if we were to do this we would risk making Final Fantasy ‘just another action game.’ There was a big concern that we not forget that this is a Final Fantasy game.
  • (What is a ‘Final Fantasy game?’) In terms of the battle system, Final Fantasy means using a party of characters to fight based on numeric point values. You manage things like hit points, damage points, and recovery points while battling… You ‘consider the numbers.’ In Final Fantasy XV you will be able to control three different characters while fighting. In addition to your main party characters, we’re also implementing control over other characters you encounter.

Итог? Один играбельный Ноктис. Episode Duscae выглядит как 'just anouther action game', чего Номура как раз не хотел.

  • The story and characters will not change from their current versions.
  • The character Cor Leonis who appeared in the trailer will be a playable character.
  • Please feel assured that there will be main female characters, including Stella

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ну и да, стоит помнить, что Номура тогда хотел делать эпик на несколько частей. А теперь кто его спросит?

Ещё Номура в 2013-м:

  • When I created Stella, back in 2007, I actually created something that is not my type of character, but obviously time has past since then, about six years now, and then she actually became something that I quite like now.

Табата в интервью Котаку:

  • I wanted to make sure that characters, like Noctis, that are so important to Nomura, are maintained in the best possible way.

Get fucked.