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Unconfirmed: versus / ffxv original plans

На форчане появились типа как сливы сюжета версуса и оригинального сюжета пятнашки. Про пятнашку:

  • There were references to the heroine having been abused by other characters, some scenes would have featured Luna crying because of her health and there were also mentions of her goal in life being meeting the male protagonist's expectations/objectives, which the team considered that were going to be problematic since the game had been carrying a bad reputation because of the way they portrayed female characters. 

Да, абьюза, показанного в трейлерах, действительно не было. Но у Луны ДЕЙСТВИТЕЛЬНО ЖЕ были сцены, где она говорит, что она - придаток Ноктиса. И в финале она у его ног оежит как сучка

  • The game centered about death, ghosts and hallucination/dreams. Noctis killed the female protagonist before the game started but he didn't remember. Ardyn was Noctis ancestor and he was responsible of the crystals disappearing over time (the only one left was Lucis crystal). Regis died in front of Noctis because his bodyguards betrayed him. The protagonists had to leave the capital because their nation lost the war. 
  • The game didn't focus on summons that much (they still existed) and instead there were actual gods which didn't appear physically. One of the gods was the main antagonist of the first FF game. Each nation was inspired by a different capital of the world. The empire was using ghosts as weapons. Ravus wanted to kill Noctis for having killed her sister. The game ended in another dimension which was supposed to be their version of the after-life.

Вот тут СТРАННО. Ноктис убивал Стеллу? До начала событий? Не верится что-то, учитывая другие сливы.

  • The artwork used for the Gralea capital in the game was taken straight out of the Versus project, so I guess it remained the same. The throne room however was different and the Emperor sat there waiting for Noctis. This was still in the game last year.
Вот прямо как я на стриме и говорил - невероятно, чтобы Номура позволил сделать из тронного зала сраную серверную. И чтобы не было нормальной встречи с Императором.

  • The end part of the game was supposed to be bigger. I know for a fact that dark world Lestallum was finished. Old Iris was also featured in some scenes. Cindy too (and I also recall them not wanting to change the Cindy design even though it was problematic because her older design implied character development).
  • I haven't heard anything about the former director, but the project needed to change directors because the company needed a mainline game to be shipped in 2016 which appealed to mainstream trends and they trusted Tabata to do it.

Опять же, Номуру выпихнули с проекта (наверняка то, что мы получим в итоге ремейк фф7, это просто следствие того, что они прогнали номуру с пятнашки, но не хотели отпускать из компании). Ииии Табата всё проебал, если это все правда. Вот больше по вырезанному контенту

  • Well, the first stop after Altissia had an (smaller) open world area and you could drive the car alone. 
  • There was a level leading up to when you encounter the Shiva statue. 
  • The dark world section of the game featured more enviroments, you encountered each party member in different locations and you could explore part of Lestallum. 
  • The final boss (which was another Ardyn form) got cut early this year. 
  • The Tenebrae invasion happened after the protagonist entered the city and you got to explore a very small section of the city and Luna's chamber.
  • Scenes that featured Luna got cut because they were considered to be problematic.
  • Cor got written out of the last half of the story since it made no sense for him to show up (he was Noctis companion during the small open area after Altissia).

В принципе, это более чем правдоподобно.
Апдейт: еще от него же

  • No, I didn't meet the former director. No, I wasn't in the team when the decision was made. And I was told that when the script got rewritten, opening the game with the invasion didn't make sense narratively. Also, there were directions that the game had to open with an open world section. 
  • Some things got cut before there was no time left to finish them and they might be released as downloads in the future. But the planned DLC was made in response to the fan feedback.
  • Luna was explicitly beaten in one scene and there were references around this happening for quite some time. 
  • I remember Uncharted 4 presenting an in media res prologue that inspired the decision to show the dark world at the start of the game.
  • No, there wasn't a battler against the emperor. The idea always was that even if he was the human with most power over the world, he ended up transforming into just another demon. But in last year's script, the emperor was waiting for Noctis in the throne room before transforming. 
  • [Versus] 
  • Ardyn was also a villain in the game and he was responsible for the crystals disappearing over time. He was inmortal because he was not granted access to the other dimension after being dead. 
  • Noctis killed the female protagonist because the crystal commanded him so. 
  • I was told that the characters got transported to another dimension (the after life, filled with ghosts), but that noctis wasn't able to recover from that and that he ended up sleeping/in a coma, with the female protagonist protecting him for eternity

 Но есть еще один слив от другого человека, который говорит несколько иные вещи. Скрины: