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Final Bomba XIII-2

Media Create Sales: Week 50, 2011 (Dec 12 - Dec 18)
01./00. [PS3] Final Fantasy XIII-2 # (Square Enix) {2011.12.15} (¥7.980) - 524.217 / NEW

Это меньше, чем у жалкой Tales of Xilia.
Это почти столько же, сколько у ссаной PSPшной типа-0.
Это в три раза меньше, чем у Х-2 и XIII.

Осознайте, на секундочку: даже Dirge of Cerberus, весьма себе средненький шутер (а японцы шутеров не любят) в первую неделю продался 400к.

Фотка с триумфального запуска игры. Гигантская очередь!!1

Уже играющие японцы, тем временем, unanimously agreeing that the game was, unintentionally, amusing and comical, considering you could go as far as ignoring a certain death with a dialogue choice, or seeing MELODRAMA moments triggering randomly.

Every cutscene is basically:
"Hey look, X is happening."
"What exactly is X?"
"I'm not sure. But we need to stop it."
"We need to find Y to stop it."
"What exactly is Y anyway?"
"I don't know. But we need to find it."
"So if find Y, X will stop?"
"I'm not sure. Probably. Let's find Y."
Repeat x50

time for some FF8

Squall fucked Selphie before the dance at the beginning of the game. That's why she was in his room when he was getting ready for the dance. They never made a big deal about it though because Selphie was the school bicycle. That's also why he told Quistis to fuck off, he was just worn out by the sheer number of bitches trying to get his dick all the time.

Под катом еще примерно дохуя!

so tired of this bullshit

“The Historia Crux itself increases player freedom in a very different manner to the traditional idea of a ‘horizontally’ open free roaming world, by also letting you come and go ‘vertically’ between the same levels in multiple time periods. In this way, we have aimed to allow for freedom in multiple directions and in four dimensions.”
Свобода в четырех измерениях. Сука, даже комментировать не хочется.

”As far as the story of Final Fantasy XIII is concerned, the most important mission for us was to express the game’s unique universe - including l’Cie and fal’Cie - and therefore some difficult terms had to be used in the story-telling. We have taken a lesson from it and employed a different story-telling style for Final Fantasy XIII-2."
"Самой важной задачей для нас было выразить ЛСИ ФАЛСИ ПУЛЬС КАКУН". Аааага.

"The basic elements of the Final Fantasy XIII universe continue to be present as the backdrop while the story now centres around Time Paradox, a more familiar form of mystery. Meanwhile, we have taken strong inspirations from one-shot TV dramas and opted for a different plot structure where smaller pieces of drama take place quickly one after another. As a result of these changes, the Final Fantasy XIII-2 story has turned out to have a glimpse of a more contemporary drama and is easier to follow in comparison to Final Fantasy XIII"
"But also the story of 3rd birthday is filled with mystery and mystery story."

"There are many gods and goddesses in the crystal mythology and Final Fantasy XIII-2 has chosen the Goddess of Death - called Etro - as the key feature. The general tone of the game is darker and more mysterious because we wanted to take the concept of death and extract features of the world of death to reflect them on the story and universe of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Valhalla, one of the new areas, is located in the middle of a gap between the unseen world and the real world and heading for death. The death-bound nature of the area manifests itself in distortions of the time axis and battles are expected to go on eternally there. "

Вот вам яранайка-угадайка по лирике 13-2.
А вот автографы наших двух героев.

Перед китасе написано Y, что сокращение от Y U NO MAKE GOOD GAMES. Перед фамилией Ториямы нарисована жопа, из которой высралась фф13-2.

Вот новые герои "Спасателей Малибу": седой и опытный спасатель смотрит за горизонт в поисках утопающих, а крашеный варвар топчет линию прибоя.

Вот герои игры. Какой-то. Кто их у этого Ториямы разберет?