вторник, 3 декабря 2013 г.

FFXIII: copypasta

Еще одна порция копипасты, которую надо бы сохранить, а не то потеряется к тому времени, как я перепройду десятку.
In FFX I am able to:
- Get optional summons
- Get optional aeon abilities one hour into the game
- Grind as much as I want and develop my characters the way I want, with some exceptions
- I can choose who I want to be in my party
- Fight optional bosses
- Do sidequests, such as butterfly catching and chocobo racing
- I can explore large towns and I have the option of browsing unique shops and talking to NPCs
- I can choose to level up my overdrives, and I can choose how I want my overdrives to work
- I can play the blitzball minigame whenever I want
- The gameplay is split between exploration, combat, puzzles, cutscenes
- A great variety of different story events happen that keep the game from feeling as if I am simply moving forward
- I can add all kinds of abilities and passives to my gear and weapons
- I can equip armor and accessories and weapons 
Now let's look at FF13:
- I can't get optional summons
- Eidolons do not have independent ability progression or customizability of any kind
- Grinding is extremely limited
- I can't choose what I want my characters to be; I can't, for example, make Hope a tank before endgame
- I can't choose my own party until 30-40 hours into the game
- I can fight optional bosses
- There is 1 sidequest in the game that is so minor that nobody in this thread but me is going to be able to describe what sidequest I am talking about
- No towns, no physical shops, and NPCs never talk to you; instead, you overhear them as you pass by them and you cannot interact with them in any way
- No control over the progression of your characters' unique abilities ("limit breaks/overdrives"), and most people won't even use the majority of them because of the inconvenience of activating them
- No minigames
- Gameplay is split between combat and cutscenes
- The entire story is "run away from............... ????", so the whole game feels like you're just running straight forward (which you are)
- Extremely, extremely limited and inconvenient and underwhelming weapon and acessory upgrade system
- No armor