вторник, 18 июня 2013 г.

E3 Square Enix news here (спойлер: они дрочат)

  • Мацуда извинился, что волновал фанатов.
  • Экшн-рпг на третьем анриле, которую скваря делала еще в 2011-м, показалась на люди. Да, ёбаная иось.
  • Из IO Interactive скваря уволила половину сотрудников и отменила все их разработки, кроме Хитмана. 
  • Номура планирует сделать из фф15 отдельный сериал. Хотя бы одну игру выпустил бы сперва, блин. Вообще, сама по себе идея сиквелов неплоха, но у нас и так нехватка новых сеттингов в финалках длится уже много лет.
  • Номура хотел сделать пятнашку мюзиклом. Интересно,у него совсем крыша поехала или как?
  • Breaking news: у Ториямы есть дети. 
  • Китасе сказал,что есди 10 и 10-2 в хд будут успешны, то хд-двенашка теоретически на очереди. Китасе. Двенашка. Но двенашка. Но Китасе. Ох.
  • Про LR: Китасе прямо говорит: "Вам не нужно знать, что случилось в фф13 и фф13-2".
  • Или вот ещё: “Is this really Final Fantasy?” he hypothesized they’d ask. Yes, he argued, it is 

Ну и дальше про LR очередной пиздец-поток. Али Хиллис поела говна в прямом эфире:
Square is so great about writing really specific dialogue about what they want their characters to be and where they come from, and what their individual fight is. I think that was my main priority, to make sure that Lightning had every single layer of who she was as a person, not just a game character, but a real person with layers and history and relationships to every single character in the game...even the Chocobo!
Hillis: I'm especially fond of anyone who cosplays as Lightning, it's pretty cool.

Ну и дальше наши любимые петушки.

Toriyama: Final Fantasy X's concept was 'Journey'--it would have been cool to depict the Lightning Returns 24-hour system to show the journey of Tidus and Yuna. Also, having a much more open world and the ability to explore the areas in any order the players likes would be very interesting.

NO SHIT. И поэтому вы за последние 10 лет не сделали ни одной игры с открытым миром.

Toriyama: When making the original title, our script writer Kazushige Nojima wrote a story so great that we thought there wouldn't be anything greater in a game. We told Nojima, in order to value you any higher, you would have to win an academy award...he seemed to take it to heart and has left the company since.

...и с тех пор написал,например, крайзис кор. Лучше бы сеппуку сделал.

Toriyama & Kitase: We were talking about a X-0 involving Braska, Jecht, and Auron...but it was just a party of men and did not seem to have that flare, so we went and created the all-female team (for FFX-2).

Ну вы поняли -_-

Kitase: In terms of Lightning herself, we’ve been with her since 2006. If you counted planning and pre-development, it would be even earlier than that so we wanted to continue being with her, wanted to bring her out and let her shine once again.

It's official: они дрочат. Возможно, друг другу.
Чтобы убедиться в этом, читайте дальше:
According to Director, Motomu Toriyama one of the themes we’ll find in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be Hope’s growth as seen from Lightning’s motherly point of view. Looks like Hope isn’t the only one that has grown, though, and Lightning’s body seems to have received quite the upgrade during her self-imposed crystal stasis.
During one of the Square Enix Presents livestreams at E3 with Toriyama himself and Producer Yoshinori Kitase, the host asked if they could share Lightning’s three sizes. The answer was interesting to say the least:
According to the design team, while we cannot give specific numbers [for the three sizes], the breast size has actually changed. In Final Fantasy XIII she had a C cup, now she has a D.
That’s not the only thing that has changed about the previously rather chaste Lightning, probably in order to raise her popularity. She will be able to wear more than 80 different costumes, and from what we’ve seen so far, a lot of those show a generous amount of skin, have large slits, vertigo-worthy mini-skirts and thongs strings in sight.
Even the main outfit that has been showcased in most assets for the game is definitely sexy. Besides the form-fitting leather of the front that nicely displays the upgraded bust size, a close inspection of the screenshots show that Lightning’s back is left completely naked.
Further in the interview the host mentioned that he considered the Misty Wizard costume (that you can see above) very sexy. Kitase-san smiled impishly and responded:
The costume is sexy, and the victory pose will change depending on the costume. This one is particularly sexy.
Toriyama-san also mentioned that those that love to show off their own charming Lightning will have no problem doing so, thanks to the ability to customize and recolor costumes and to take screenshots and post them on the Internet.