пятница, 13 декабря 2013 г.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

I submit to you that I, Marche Radiuju, am the single greatest villain to ever grace a game with my presence.
Can you honestly still support that half-price Joker knockoff?
All he accomplished was to kill a large number of people before being beaten.
He had the power of a god and was still brought down by a group of mortals quoting a self-help book.
My accomplishments are far greater.
I destroyed the world with nothing more than my own sword and a couple of mercenaries. And this was not some minor act of destruction; I made it permanently cease to exist.
And this is still not the greatest of my sins. To accomplish this apocalyptic goal, I destroyed a being made of the collective hopes and dreams of the world. I killed HOPE ITSELF.
Can anyone ever top this? After accomplishing this, my friends, dead on the inside from what I had done, thanked me for doing it.

Never forget.