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Правда про второй диск Xenogears

Котаку наконец спросил Такахаси о том, почему второй диск Xenogears получился таким хорошим.

“Honestly speaking, what had happened is Xenogears as a project was staffed pretty much entirely out of new staff members, young staff members. Back then, we had the direction of, ‘All projects take two years and that’s when we need to get it done.’ So on top of developing the game, we had to nurture and teach and grow these younger employees. Things like 3D were extremely new, which led to some delays in the schedule. It just wasn’t possible to get everything done.” 
As it became clear that Takahashi and team weren’t going to hit their deadlines, Square’s higher-ups suggested that they just end the game after the first disc, when Fei and his team escape from Solaris.
“It was a rough way to end it, and I felt like if we do that, then the players will not be satisfied. So we had a proposal—I proposed that if we do disc 2 in this way that it turned out to be, we can finish the game with the current number of staff and the current time allotted for the schedule and the remaining budget we have. I do think my decision was the right one to make. Because if we had just ended at Disc 1 it would have been bad.”

Скваря как всегда. Скваря, блядь, никогда не меняется.
"Просто вырежем половину игры и сделаем вид, что всё збс, они ведь с Соляриса улетели :D :D :D"

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