среда, 6 апреля 2011 г.


HEXADRIVE is a game software developer consists of programmers
,who have a high technology and much experience of developing video game.
 - разработчики the 3rd birthday о себе

Недавно читал геймфаки, там куча защитников ториямы, они пишут что-то вроде:

>>How many of these people criticizing Toriyama can actually write a story better than him?

на что им отвечают:
>>The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Восхитительно. Вот ещё с геймфаков хорошее:

Another thing that really, REALLY bugs me abut Toriyama is how lazy he is at literary basics, specifically exposition. This is a guy who relegated important information to a datalog instead of just weaving it into the narrative like a writer is supposed to. WHAT THE HECK? That's like telling a person to read a glossary to understand a film or tv series. You HAVE to do exposition, this is not up for debate.

What's hilarious is that Aya isn't THAT much older than Toriyama so it's rather perplexing as to why he can't write someone in his own age group. Instead he opts for these godawful cartoon caricatures of people way younger than him and even if they ARE older they're still cartoons due to his melodramatic, overcooked dialogue whose criticisms he's apparently not aware of. I know that even the best of Square tends to have some melodrama but at least those had the decency to pick their spots accordingly.

На японском амазоне посмотрел обзоры "зе сёрд пёздея". Они довольно-таки mixed. Вот, например, человеку игра понравилась (как этот выблядский дристовысер может нравиться, я не знаю), но от сценария от явно в ахуе. Заголовок рецензии - "Паразит Мотому Торияма".
Кстати, знаете, у какой игры оценки на японском Амазоне сплошь высокие, и вовсе не mixed? Tactics Ogre.

Согласно японской википедии, любимый фильм Ториямы называется "Сложно быть мужиком". So fucking appropriate.

Meanwhile я заканчиваю прохождение пёздея, это худшая игра в мире.