четверг, 3 марта 2011 г.

the source of CloTi revealed

Из интервью с Масато Като о том, что он делал:

Super Nintendo: Chrono Trigger (planner, script writer, and wrote the majority of the story)
Satella-View: Radical Dreamers (director, scenario and script writer)
PlayStation: Xenogears (planner, script writer)
PlayStation: Final Fantasy 7 (planner, script writer - I was unexpectedly called upon to help out) The way that SQUARE creates their events is that they first discuss the story thoroughly with the entire project team, and then let each of the individual scenario writers freely (I say freely here, but of course, if it's not up to our standards; it's rejected) fill in the little details on the sub-events; so the people credited for writing the scenarios aren't necessarily the people who write the stories. For example, in Chrono Trigger, Mr. Yuji Horii wrote the basic plot line first; following that, it was editted and rewritten by me, and even further on after that, the sub-scenarios were created by Mr. Tokita and Mr. Kitase. So it all gets kinda' mixed up at the end. But the 12,000 B.C. part was 100% my original idea. After writing the story for this part, I also did the events for Zeal Palace, the dungeons, and everything else by myself (laughs). In "Radical" I wrote most of the main story and after drafting out the concepts for the sub-stories, (e.g. the elopement episode and the space-detective episode) I left them to the staff to take care of. Oh, wait... everything except for the sunflower episode. That one, I didn't touch. I let Mr. Shimamoto do whatever he wanted on that one. I sorta' avoided having any part in that episode (laughs). Xeno - Lahan Village, Citan's house, Shevato, etc. FF7, the village where Cloud becomes a vegetable, when he falls into the lifestream, the episode of Cloud and Tifa on the dawn before the final battle, on all of those I wrote them to my own personal tastes... er... maybe I should learn to listen more to what other people tell me (laughs).
PlayStation: Chrono Cross (director, script writer)

Все ломают голову над сценой в конце второго диска, а ответ-то прост: Скваря дала писать сценарий всем, кто попался под руку, Като написал "Клауд и Тифа ебутся, лол", а Китасе зачеркнул слово "лол".

Обратите внимание, что Като писал ЕДИНСТВЕННЫЕ места во всей фф7, где Клауд к Тифе относится тепло. Наверное, ему чего-то забыли объяснить.

время открытий чудных

Нахуй финалки, давайте поговорим о талантливых людях instead. Я в последние дни читаю дохуя разных интервью, и мозги взрываются просто в клочья, не могу не поделиться.

На создание Tactics Ogre Ясуми Мацуно вдохновил снос Берлинской стены и гражданская война в Югославии.
Валерия = Югославия. Зенобия и Лодис = США и СССР. Mind = blown.

(а еще герцога Ронвея зовут Иуда, и в оригинале он выглядит как Ясер Арафат)

Эдгара и Сабина придумала Сорая Сага. Она же написала им такую нвъебенную предысторию, что ей пришлось нарисовать додзин, чтобы хоть куда-то ее пристроить.

А теперь - настоящий смак. Про Xenogears. Я просто цитатой самой Саги это вставлю, иначе нельзя.

I and Tetsuya Takahashi originally submitted it as a script idea for Final Fantasy VII. While we were told that it was too dark and complicated for a fantasy, the boss was kind enough to give Takahashi a chance to launch a new project.