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FFXIII: copypasta

Еще одна порция копипасты, которую надо бы сохранить, а не то потеряется к тому времени, как я перепройду десятку.
In FFX I am able to:
- Get optional summons
- Get optional aeon abilities one hour into the game
- Grind as much as I want and develop my characters the way I want, with some exceptions
- I can choose who I want to be in my party
- Fight optional bosses
- Do sidequests, such as butterfly catching and chocobo racing
- I can explore large towns and I have the option of browsing unique shops and talking to NPCs
- I can choose to level up my overdrives, and I can choose how I want my overdrives to work
- I can play the blitzball minigame whenever I want
- The gameplay is split between exploration, combat, puzzles, cutscenes
- A great variety of different story events happen that keep the game from feeling as if I am simply moving forward
- I can add all kinds of abilities and passives to my gear and weapons
- I can equip armor and accessories and weapons 
Now let's look at FF13:
- I can't get optional summons
- Eidolons do not have independent ability progression or customizability of any kind
- Grinding is extremely limited
- I can't choose what I want my characters to be; I can't, for example, make Hope a tank before endgame
- I can't choose my own party until 30-40 hours into the game
- I can fight optional bosses
- There is 1 sidequest in the game that is so minor that nobody in this thread but me is going to be able to describe what sidequest I am talking about
- No towns, no physical shops, and NPCs never talk to you; instead, you overhear them as you pass by them and you cannot interact with them in any way
- No control over the progression of your characters' unique abilities ("limit breaks/overdrives"), and most people won't even use the majority of them because of the inconvenience of activating them
- No minigames
- Gameplay is split between combat and cutscenes
- The entire story is "run away from............... ????", so the whole game feels like you're just running straight forward (which you are)
- Extremely, extremely limited and inconvenient and underwhelming weapon and acessory upgrade system
- No armor
Думаю, список будет полезен для тех, кто спорит с приравнивающими десятку и тринашку. Вот еще немного добавки про десятку и с семеркой.
you get to frequently stop and enjoy the world of FFX, talk to it's citizens, learn the lore, or actually have story related things happen in the game.
In FFXIII you simply run, and run and run. It's basically the part from the beginning of FFVII where you flee the power plant you've just destroyed but stretched out over half the game.
When you compare it to FFVII, in terms of story beats and gameplay variety, it's just embarrassing. In FFVII, the first 10 hours have you blowing up power stations, protecting a mysterious girl, dressing up as a woman to save her, storming a skyscraper, participating in one of the most celebrated flashback sequences in gaming history and crossing the ocean to a new continent. In FFXIII you run down an actual corridor, at one remove from the world you're supposed to be playing in, and participate in endless, repetitive fights in between incoherent cut scenes in which cardboard cutouts explain their feelings and motives very poorly through the use of clichés, catchphrases and sub-fortune cookie deepness. Look as well at how the games make use of more minor characters - the Turks, for example, popping up throughout the game with actual personalities, subplots and humour. Now look at, say, Jihl, or Cid in FFXIII. They appear, have a few tedious cut scenes, maybe you fight them, and done.
But wait till it opens out, they cried! Yeah, that was the point I abandoned the game, upon realising the much vaunted Gran Pulse was a huge lifeless hunting ground with bugger all else to do.
И вот офигенный пост-фантазия на тему "если бы фф13 писал кто-то более вменяемый":
Imagine if Vanille and Fang had been more realistic: treacherous, lying killers working as one unit to sabotage the team's efforts from the inside out.
Imagine if Sazh had been more realistic: willing to do anything for his son, like a real dad would have, instead of playing "run away hee hee~!" with Vanille. Why didn't Sazh try to exploit his status in the Sanctum, or his relationship with Jihl?
Imagine if Hope's relationship with his father made sense. Imagine if Hope were legitimately gay, or if Hope's father was fed up with his job at the Sanctum and it was destroying their family. Imagine if Hope was some kind of genius that wanted to follow in his father's footsteps, but Hope's father did not want Hope to get involved with the Sanctum because he knew about all of its dark secrets. Imagine if Hope's dad did the sane (and interesting/exciting) thing and turned Lightning and company in in exchange for Hope's safety.
Imagine Lightning using her military clout to start a fucking civil war in Cocoon to overthrow the Sanctum, instead of running around and punching everything like a fucking baby for the entire game.
Imagine Snow actually sending NORA out like little birds to go collect intelligence for the team. Imagine Snow and Lightning getting along because Snow is 1) hot, 2) huge, 3) he has a job, 4) he takes care of orphans, 5) he protects his own city on a voluntary basis, 6) he wants to marry Serah, 7) he buys her jewelry and shit, 8) no seriously, why does Lightning hate him--is anyone else tired of all this melodrama?
Imagine being able to explore and fall in love with Cocoon. Imagine being able to meet Cocoon characters and citizens so that you actually care about the future of Cocoon.
Does anyone remember how every single location in FFX would introduce you to new named unique characters, and every single location had its own backstory? Can anyone here name 5 dungeons in FF13 by name? Does anybody care? 
Blah blah, sorry for the rant. FF13 had one of the most architecturally interesting worlds in FF history, but it was never presented to the player. Most players--and most people in this thread--don't even realize that Cocoon is an "egg", and every Cocoon location you visit in the game is on the INTERIOR of the egg, with Eden (the final city/dungeon) located in the direct center of the hollow egg. If only they had simply let us explore. Let us immerse ourselves in the world--in the game.

А вот тут хорошо про сюжет тринашки:
FF13's premise is that fal'Cie enslave humans and force them to do a task or become Cie'th. However, the game repeatedly reveals that this premise is simply not true; l'Cie can deny their Focus and simply decide to not become Cie'th, as is proven by Cid and Vanille and Fang and Lightning and Hope and Sazh and Snow, time and time again.
Therefore, the entire game is spent running away from the threat of... nothing. There was no threat.
Even if there was a threat, FF13-2 reveals that Etro--a god--saves the cast at the ending of FF13, rendering any actions the characters performed in 13 completely meaningless. If FF13 does have a story, it can be summed up in three words: "Etro did it."

И наконец про то, почему Хоуп - пиздец.
- He has the Snow melodrama thing going on.
- He knows how to operate Pulse machinery for no reason.
- He hates his dad, but it's never explained why.
- He apparently has psychopathic urges.
- Lightning makes it even worse by GIVING HIM A KNIFE and encouraging him to kill Snow
- Then, the crazy fuck actually does attempt to murder Snow.
- For some reason he explodes with some kind of dazzling golden supernatural light that no other l'Cie has, but whatever, who cares at this point.
- When the characters get to Pulse and have no idea about what to do next, Hope (who was unconscious and therefore not able to hear their conversation) instructs them (via a psychic vision, I guess?): They will find answers in Oerba.
- Even though Vanille and Fang know that there are no answers in Oerba, they don't try to debate with Hope; they just agree for some reason that is never explained.
- How does Hope know about Oerba? Cocoon citizens don't know anything about Pulse.
- Suddenly Hope freaks out, becomes suicidal, and asks to be left behind to his death. (???)
- A giant steaming castle explodes out of him.

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  1. Do sidequests, such as butterfly catching and chocobo racing

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  4. Я, честно говоря, не верил отрицательным обзорам: ну не может же финалка быть настолько плохой? И закономерно купил её. И блядь. Она ДАЖЕ ХУЖЕ.
    Я играл в довольно хреновые игры, но они хотя бы были играми. FFXIII же является просто тренажером по нажиманию кнопки X, иногда разбавляемым бессмысленными диалогами и бесконечной беготнёй в ебаное ничего.