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Dissidia Opera Omnia & FF15 spoilers

На мобилки анонсировали ээээээ пошаговую Диссидию?

Помимо очевидного "зачем?" -- тут впервые оказываются озвученными многие второстепенные финалочные герои типа Виви и Сайфера.

Что еще: фф15, оказывается, с открытым миром только на полшишечки. Ой, а мы-то думали! То есть когда начнется СЮЖЕТ, открытый мир быстро прекратится. Понятненько.

А еще в ней будет ЕЩЕ БОЛЬШЕ DLC, чем запланировано для Season Pass. Табата уже сейчас прямо заявляет, что будет доить игру еще и еще, хотя в начале года говорил про комплит экспириенс и все такое.

Но это ладно, тут подъехала очередная порция спойлеров по пятнашке от анонима. Take it with a grain of salt, но учитывая, насколько правдоподобным теперь кажется предыдущий слив, я бы скорее поверил.

game length
if you get straight to the point it should take you 25-30 hours to complete the main story

number of cities
lestallum, altissia, orielle, tenebrae, 4 cities, there are small settlements all over the world but they are not that big, lucis is not explorable. the niflheim capitol is more of a dungeon

titan, ramuh, shiva, leviathan, ifrit and diabolos/bahamut/dragon thing are playable. carbuncle is optional if you download a dlc. odin and knights of the round appear in the game but they are not obtainable

rewritten script
they weren't confident enough on ardyn, people who watched kingsglaive and played some of the game thought he was too generic and not characteristic. they added more backstory on young luna and young noctis, made explanations of gods, heaven creatures and stuff more simple to follow
they got rid of some scenes shown in recent trailers too, va's were still re-recording lines in june, they have finished now

ps4 neo version
the sole focus is on the ps4 and xbone version. there will be a neo mode but it won't offer significant upgrades

older character designs
the only characters getting older designs are noctis, prompto, gladio, ignis, iris and ravus, ardyn keeps his old one

final boss
ardyn summons ifrit, then you fight ardyn and then weird yaoi ardyn+ravus fusion

the villains
i liked the first version of ardyn, felt it was one of the best ff villains, now they kind of made him spill too many bullshit, if you played the crisis core game then that's kinda what you're getting, but toned down. ravus is one of the most insufferable characters i've ever encountered in a ff game. he basically spends the game bitching about her mother, her homeland, her sister and stuff, he won't shut up.
iedolas, versatile, loki and glauca are barely in the game. aranea feels more like a rival than a villain
tl;dr: ardyn was better before they rewrote they script imo, ravus is the worst character in the game, the rest are barely in it

everyone gets an alternate casual outfit, and a jacket off version. gladio gets a shirtless outfit. noctis gets a gym outfit. you can use the old outfits in new game +

she is shiva, she is luna's servant, after ardyn dispatches luna, he controls her

number of cg scenes
one at the beginning of the game, another one before the leviathan bosfight, another when luna dies, one right after the timeskip and then one after you kill the final boss

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