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More FFXV story rumors

Поскольку полноценной пятнашки мы никогда не увидим, спекуляции будут длиться вечно.

Вот на неогафе всплыло больше подробностей от, кажется, того человека, который слил сюжет фф15 за подгода до релиза. Возможно, все брехня: как знать?

  • The Leviathan boss fight was reworked last year because consoles couldn't handle it. Noctis was supposed to warp into floating Altissia buildings and fight soldiers while he weakened Leviathan making her destroy the buildings. Luna joined the party (he says that she was shown in the party interface).
  • There wasn't any cut summons.
  • In Versus, Gentiana had medium powers like Noctis (I assume this might be the eyes that see the light of expiring souls), she could communicate with Stella. In one of the concepts, she had to hurt herself in order to activate these powers, or lose some of her senses (which lines up with her needing to use glasses or those weird scenes in XV in which she doesn't open her eyes). He thinks that she was not supposed to be Shiva in the original script, since Gentiana could also talk with everyone and used a weapon.
  • It wasn't planned for all Tenebrae floating islands to be explorable. The cut content were just a mini dungeon, exploring Luna's house and that's it.
  • The World of Ruin content that was cut wasn't open world. After Noctis got out of Galdin Quay, the player would have to explore linear sections in which they would encounter different characters. Not all of Lestallum was supposed to be explorable.
  • Adult Iris was supposed to wear the female Kingsglaive uniform. Cidney was Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. would have wore a full body motorcycle suit. Character development, my friends.
  • Versus XIII plot: During the last part of the game, one of the villains (allegedly Ardyn) opened the gate to the other dimension/afterlife (which was called Versus). The villains wanted to enter Versus to kill an angel. Since Stella is a ghost, she would have been able to interact with every character in the afterlife world. After the final fight, the angel helped the protagonists come back to the living world but Noctis was too injured, so he ended up sleeping with Stella in the afterlife.
  • The "Stella was always dead" twist wouldn't have been revealed until later parts of the game. In some versions of the script, the crystal gave Noctis the focus to kill Stella when they were children; in others; Stella disappeared while Noctis was visiting Tenebrae and he didn't know for sure if she came back home after all those years. Most of the characters couldn't see Stella. Her role in the story was to guide and test Noctis. The angel helped Stella come back to the real world after being dead because she hadn't completed her focus.
  • Versus/Nomura XV had been in active development at least one year before the reboot happened.
  • Chapter 0 was different last year: The game opened with Kid Noctis walking with Cor in Insomnia and Regis arriving on the Regalia. Regis would hold Noctis in his arms while crying. Bahamut's voice would ask Regis if he was ready for the future. (This was the scene featured in Dawn trailer)
  • The Noctis+Luna logo was already done early in TabataXV development.
So Versus would have featured...
... children murdering other children because of voices in their heads
... yakuza offering familiars as sacrifices in order to gain powers
... blood spilling enemies
... murdered girls coming back from the death as beautifully designed female characters
... people hurting themselves in order to view ghosts
... an entire nation worshipping the idea of death
... dog puppies that would transform into merciless ninjas

If "the angel" is Etro, seems like the game ended with Ardyn opening the Unseen Gate, wanting to kill the Goddess. Stella had been trying to avoid this from the afterlife, being sent by Etro to help Noctis. This was supposed to be Nojima's ultimate take on the FNC mythos, so it's normal that there are certain plot points that are similar to XIII-2 and LR. Valhalla and Versus would be equivalents, Noctis, Stella & Gentiana would be L'cie, the crystals would be the ones in charge of giving the focus to the protagonists, etc.

Тут сравнение всех трейлеров и финалмьной игры, напоминающее, что все трейлеры пятнашки врали. 

На геймфаках же есть еще один "слив", типа с японского форума. Выглядит как безумие, в это совсем не верится уже. 

-Noctis was going to die too, but In a more symbolic manner, He dies on his throne like if He was going to sleep (reference to somnus)
- Prompto and gladio would have betrayed Noctis at some point In The original triology, prompto because niflheim and his dad, verstael ( who was a very bigger antagonist ), gladio did it because He did approve noct as a friend but not as a king. ( like In xv)
- cor dies in The last game In Noctis arms, saying he is proud to see how He has grown up, He was also The driver with The mustache In The eralier trailer. He is an orphan, He immigrated in lucis.
- Regis dies at The end of The first game. His killer is named below.
- Stella would have lived, but not In a very good health, she is not The main antagonist of versus xiii, her parents were killed when she was a child. Her brother became a double spy for The lucis/tenebrae alliance and niflheim ( more precisely ardyn ). She suffered a near death experience, The high ranking officer In charge of her tried to kill her by orders
- There was FOUR major villains In versus XIII : Ravus in The first game, Verstael In The second game, Ardyn ( who was named arden In this time ) In The third game. Clarus amicitia ( The original who was named Noctis evil uncle by fans In e3 2013 ) was The one who killed regis and permited niflheim to secretly organise an invasion, because jealousy and consider his friend as an egoistic king ( reference to glauca )
- Ravus was more calm and used magic from tenebrae, he was blind because he could see the dead like noctis but didn't support it, He is The final boss of The first game but dies In The second game, stella kills him, without knowing it was him under The hood, because of Ardyn.
- Verstael was The most dangerous villain of versus xiii. He is obsessed with The powers of The royal blood. He used human test subjects from annexed nations of solheim and tenebrae. He infused his son prompto with magitek but it was a failure so he left him. He makes prompto betray The group and blasts some of insomnia with a magitek blast. When Ardyn kills onscreen iedolas In gralea, verstael becomes The new ruler of niiflheim, He makes experiments on both Noctis and prompto to recreate one of The being that created eos but this monstrosity kills him, this thing is The final boss of The second game, and prompto dies at The end of this battle. It's later revealed that He made a magic pact with Ardyn. Like Ravus.
- iedolas had a more important role since The peace treaty was an In game scene. He also bullies Ardyn In one scene, Noctis help The chancellor, but this was a ruse from him, playing The victim.
- Gladio takes a shot from his father destined to noctis. Noctis then kills clarus. The scene from first trailer from 2006 take place after this scene ( third game )
- Aranea had The same script, basically anti heroic, and guest character
- Gentiana had a completly different role, she was THE oracle from versus xiii. She is eventually stella close friend. She is revealed to be a descendant of The real royal bloodline making her ancestor eos. She is shiva's reincarnation. Her outfit was not The black dress she has now. Her design was more samurai-ish.

Ardyn was not meant to be a former king of lucis, In The first game, He doesn't have much screentime, we know only his name and position, and that He has a funny side, In The second game we see him as The real cause of Stella position against Noctis : He manipulates both Fleuret siblings because they have a magical power of light capable of countering lucis clan powers who are said to be Fueled from darkness. He also kills iedolas detonating a hidden flare spell In his gun. His motives are only revealed In The third game : He is The "first being created" by etro who was tasked to guide humans to peace. But they were always Fighting for power, so He created darkness to maintain a balance and gave it to gentiana's ancestors, who were superior beings (Summons). But a lucis caelum Fell In love with one of etro's daughters, thus making The Current bloodline. It was originaly a ruse from The lucis caelum clan to retrieve this power from The summons. The mastermind was arden because He judged that He deserved this power more than humans. This created The plague of stars. Etro punished him and He was outcasted from godhood, living now among humans for eternity...

His Current goal In versus xiii is to make The lucis caelum and Nox fleuret ( who holds The power of light only secretly revealed at The end ) fall to bring chaos, and make etro waking up from her slumber to kill her with The crystal, created by etro, which is a catalyst of The plague of stars, an epidemy born of this unbalance, which enlighten The nights, makes humans more agressive and Sensible to their emotions, then turns them into Demons.
Ardyn Will turn into into his original form in The final fight ( human size ), The battle is almost like The current final battle.
Then He kills offscreen etro who is sleeping with Stella as her Bost ( logo) and fuses with her skull (lucian Crest). Ironically, Ardyn, blind In his rage, forgot that He wanted to die before all, Noctis grants his wish with The last level of his power which his to teleport souls to kingdom of dead.
Stella is saved, but she becomes depressive after Noctis death.

Fate of The characters :
Noctis dies ( weakened and by his own Will )
Gladio dies ( by clarus )
Prompto dies
Ignis lives. Also He is The only one who stay 100% loyal to noctis.
Stella lives
Ravus dies ( by stella )
Regis dies ( by clarus )
Cor dies ( by ardyn )
Gentiana lives and become shiva though it's implied that astral are meant to disappear at The end of The triology.
Ardyn lives in The kingdom of dead
Iedolas dies
Verstael dies
Glauca dies In a boss battle. He was already a Lucian traitor In armor. But He was not drautos. ( kingsglaives existed but not at all like now )
Aranea lives
Cid and cidney lives.
Weskham existed already and dies In versus xiii
Noctis mother was named in The triology as aulea lucis caelum. She is alive in The kingdom of dead.
Iris was not as important as now. She was also much younger.
Loqi, Nyx, Dino, Drautos didn't exist until 2011.

Gameplay :
- summons : ifrit ( solheim, traitor summon ), leviathan ( accordo ), bahamut ( niflheim ), fenrir ( tenebrae, He is only The emblem He doesn't appear ingame ), shiva ( another unamed asian-like region ), ramuh ( another unamed region ), carbuncle, titan.
- gralea is explorable, it's inspired by manchester. Solheim has arabian like locations. Accordo is linear. Insomnia palace is The final dungeon.
- Stella becomes playable after prompto death
- The ring didn't exist ( or at least not as a ring ) so ring magic didn't exist.
- no outfits and DLC. No manual driving. No regalia type.
- no timeskip

It's not Explained why tabata had to change The plot.

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