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you had one job

you had one job

Producer Mariko Sato assures that this remaster is a faithful reproduction of the original story without additions to the narrative.




весь смысл в продолжении вашего ублюдского существования был в том, чтобы дать вам шанс убрать ваше говно за собой. 

  • обосрались в оригинальной семерке - убрали говно в ремейке. молодцы
  • обосрались в крайзис коре - "достоверно воспроизвели" свои обосранные панталоны в rebirth

"There's no real requirement that we have to align with the Remake series," says Kitase. "It's not decided on a series basis, it's basically each individual title will be assessed for which we think the best platform and the best audience for it will be."

what the fuck is wrong with you

"With the FF VII Remake, it was a new starting point for a Final Fantasy VII, and so we decided to expand the story. But with the Crisis Core Reunion, it is a remaster and it's still positioned as a story that expands on the original Final Fantasy VII story. And so we didn't want to stray too far from that," Kitase says.

то есть крайзис кор относится к оригинальному таймлайну, а не к исправленному в ремейке, и поэтому его не надо чинить? ты ты ты совсемпмгывлпацгуанкешйгнйдоркядвкаылфдрвш
"Certainly the story itself of Crisis Core from the original release and over time, I think it's stood the test of time," says Nomura. "It's something that is very highly regarded by people. And when I look back over the story and how it's put together, there are not many faults I can find in it really. I think it's still a very complete and almost perfectly put together story in a lot of ways."

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