суббота, 30 января 2010 г.

Final Fantasy XIII is shit

Еще разок освежим в памяти все то, что у нас есть по фф13 на момент японского релиза.

*If your leader dies it's game over. if other party memebers die, you can bring them back with a phoenix down or other stuff.
*Dying results in the player restarting right in front of the enmy that defeated them with all items etc before the encounter began
*38 bluray, 30 gb is cutscenes/movies, 8 gb is everything else
*The party must first fight and defeat their summons before they can be used
*Nearly all summon fights will cast doom on the mc at the start of the fight requiring you to win in 3 turns or an instant game over. Most of these fights can be won in two turns. These fights are generally harder than most story non summon bosses.
*Touching an enemy from behind on the field can result in a preemptive strike where the enemy has already lost half its HP
*There are over 15 hours of sidequests that play exactly the same like that. That's it. Every sidequest is the same. It's easily comparable to FF7 Crisis Cores mission mode. The sidequests work like this. Get the mission from a person or the bounty board and then you are instantly warped to a location. Make your way to the end of the location, which will always be a straight line, and fight the designated enemy and then you will instantly be warped back into town and will have the sidequest completed.
*There are hardly any towns.
*The party is always fixed. The whole game just repeats the movie-battle sequence over and over [In fact the progression is closer to movie-run-battle-run-movie-boss-movie-run-battle…].
*You can’t flee battles [You can’t avoid most battles either as there is no sneaking past enemies, including weak ones].
*The best tactic is almost always endlessly attacking. There is next to no strategy or skill involved.
*The summons’ transformation scenes are a joke [i.e. Odin turning into a horse].
*The story is rubbish… [Spoilers omitted, but complaints centre on Snow’s constant and cringe inducing insistence that he is a hero and will “protect” whatever it is the antagonists are menacing this time]
*There are only 8 items usable in combat [For that matter, there are hardly any weapons or accessories, and the “crafting” system mostly consists of spending drops to upgrade their 2 stats].
*The levels are completely linear

Японцы игру ненавидят.

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