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Motomu Toriyama has to be fired

Or so says the Google.

So let's sum this up, shall we? Let's see what people think:

  • Toriyama fired: That's not going to happen, but I think it's for the best.
  • I can easily picture the people obsessed with him brandishing a kitchen knife and repeatedly stabbing him while screaming "TORIYAMAAAAAAA!!!!!!".
  • All i know is that Motomu Toriyama needs to be shot, or just fired. He's ruining SE.
  • Square Enix needs to fire Motomu Toriyama before it's too late. He was in charge of FF X-2, FFXIII, Front Mission Devolved, Devolved! And the 3rd Birthday which gametrailers.com calls Square Enix's worst story ever! Don't let Motomu Toriyama do the writing, directing, or planning or anything. Because it always turns out awful.
  • Toriyama is a bad director, through and through.
  • do not let Motomu Toriyama write story again
  • Toriyama is obviously a talentless hack, everything he touches turns to ****, and yet he stays there, ruining as many IPs as he can. It's unbelievable. What the hell are the S-E CEOs doing?
  • If Square-Enix made Motomu Toriyama a hero would you be against it? Would you play just to see him die over and over again?
  • I've wondered how Toriyama got put in charge of a Department and why he was the only writer not to be fired by Square. Bahamut Lagoon's story was idiotic, Racing Lagoon was a horrendous failure and next thing you know Toriyama's got the keys to the Final Fantasy franchise.
  • Toriyama is the director again? WHY? Didn't SE just recently say that they will listen to the fans complaints?
  • He's a very poor director, technically and artistically. His teams are disparate and apparently a complete mess, the development drags on for years, and in the end, his product isn't even good. Just a bunch of clinically insane characters who swing between murderous, crying, screaming, and plotting to single-handedly take on an army with no assistance.
  • this clown's ruined at least two games with his time travel nonsense. And thanks to him we not only lost the real Aya, we lost loli Eve. He came in out of nowhere and effectively killed PE.
  • I would glad to see Toriyama kill himself or freeze to death on street after his company crashed just like what happen in the ending of this game.
  • Think Toriyama as The Big Brother, he and The Party is just going to keep screwing with our lives where the proles (fanboys/girls) being selfish and ignorant. Hope you guys read 1984 before.
  • Goddammit, nobody gives a crap about Lightning. She could burn in eternal hellfire for all I care. Incidentally, I can't remember the last Final Fantasy that had as uninteresting characters as XIII and its sequel. You know your character design is screwed up when your customer cares more about the fate of FF1's protagonist than you do for the characters in a game 12 iterations later, but maybe that's just me.
  • Toriyama Motomu will now known as Toiletyama Motomu
  • I'd like to note that Motomu Toriyama, in the midst of his sexist bullshit, writes disgustingly creepy pervert men in those games.
  • Evoking emotion is the sum and total of Motomu Toriyama's writing style, and he does it very well; unfortunately he has never learned that events without proper context are inherently meaningless. The ending... it touched me; as the abject stupidity of it filled me with rage. The entire narrative is basically just a bunch of scenes designed to tug at your heart strings and peak your interest till you get to the end with no underling logic or reason to them. A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
  • If they have the same director, its failure is inevitable. They can make it dark, bright, or even rainbow, the fact still remains that Motomu Toriyama is an idiot. 
  • Motomu Toriyama, please retire. You do not make good games. You are a shame to your entire family. Go do something else.
  • XIII-2 has nothing to do with anything. It has nothing to do with its prequel, it has nothing to do with the mythology, it's just a lot of blathering nonsense about contradictions and time travel and finding some girl's missing sister. They didn't even get the source material straight. A god became a floating city and a powerless goddess became the single most important thing ever that can manipulate time and transform regular people into immortal goddesses at her discretion. And probably the worst thing of all is there is no ending, just to have an excuse for another pointless sequel that will once again have nothing to do with anything.
  • Of course we're all missing the most worst thing. Motomu Toriyama is making another game, instead of dying from massive rectal bleeding after getting a horse to sodomise him, like he would in any merciful universe. 

Also, check out this post:
You want to know what the sickness is that's killing Final Fantasy?  It isn't Toriyama's writing, or the DLC, or the ambiguous endings, its the fact that Square Enix can't seem to be bothered with just making games anymore.  It always has to be the next cultural event.  And if FFXIII-1 can't capture the imaginations of a generation, they'll make two more games just like it, so many numbers alone can compensate where the weak ideas and lack of creativity could not.  Mediocrity is being inflated into grandeur.  And the results are beyond merely ridiculous at this point, its pathetic.  Final Fantasy wants so badly to be cool, and its failing so much.  So what are you left with?  Bullshit.  Worthless bullshit.

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  1. "Toriyama is obviously a talentless hack, everything he touches turns to ****"...
    Превращяется в... звёздочки?

  2. Интересно, что ищут люди, вводя "final fantasy is an rpg"?

    1. По идее фраза "Final Fantasy is an RPG" -- это первая строчка в это1 песенке --
      Неофициальное её название, можно так сказать.

  3. http://www.siliconera.com/2012/07/31/work-on-square-enixs-new-lightning-saga-project-has-just-begun/


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