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interview quotes

Читал очень много старых интервью и разного. Вот википедия про Крайзис Кор, очень символично:
The addition of "Why" was revealed by Square Enix in May 2007, with Ayaka stating that she was fascinated by Crisis Core's story and felt she "would like to deliver "Why" alongside Zack's fate to the hearts of many people."
Продюсер СС про боевку:
Yes, you’re controlling one character but so many things are changing and moving at the same time that it’s always fresh. So, it was this obvious evolution of how do you keep a single-player, single-character battle system fresh at all times.
Команда, делающая КН, должна  тут совершить Судоку: долбежка одной кнопки под крутящиеся слоты - это ЭВОЛЮЦИЯ геймплея, оказывается. 

Он же про Last Order:
When we made that feature, we changed the presentation of that event from the original Final Fantasy VII. And the fan response was - well, there was considerable negative feedback in regard to changing a part of the story that they considered integral to the whole lore. So we listened to that and learned from that. And in fact the Nibelheim incident is presented again in Crisis Core, and we were careful not to make the same decisions that we did in Last Order.
Ёбаный в рот. Они услышали, как все ненавидят переебанный Нибельхеймовский инцидент в LO и переебали его в СС еще сильнее!

Китасе про это же место:
So, we took great care to rebuild that scene – we would actually do things like use the same camera angles that we used in FFVII to show the scene in Nibelheim to get the same feeling but do it in the modern way, in the setting of the modern hardware. We took so much care that, (despite being the Executive Producer) I handled that area myself
Если что, именно этот пидрила-продюсер, Хидеки Имаидзуми, придумал Гену на пару с Гактом:
I went to eat with him one time and described the Final Fantasy VII universe in rich detail. And it turned into this process of collaboration, creating the character together.
Китасе про Сефочку в СС: 
You see a much more human side of him in this work. I'm very pleased how it turned out - here was this very human person with real emotions, and his transformation into this kind of symbol of evil that he has become in Final Fantasy VII.
Так, а теперь вдохните. Окей, готовы? Китасе времен фф8:
A Final Fantasy without a world map isn't a Final Fantasy game.
Гуч про семерку:
my mother passed away, and ever since I have been thinking about the theme "life". Life exists in many things, and I was curious about what would happen if I attempted to analyze life in a mathematical and logical way.
По-видимому, Гуч - позорный гуманитарий =)
Про сцену, не вошедшую в TSW:
There was a scene in the beginning where Aki is sitting in a restaurant slurping spaghetti while running her hand through her hair.
Ну и вот напоследок самая прекрасная новость про финалки.

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  1. > самая прекрасная новость про финалки
    > http://www.gamespot.com/articles/final-fantasy-remakes-sold-separately/1100-2679121/
    > Square has announced that it will release the remakes of Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX for the PlayStation 2 in individual packages.
    Чего, блядь? Про что несут, вообще охуеть, одна история охуительней другой. 2001 год, хорошо пошутил.

  2. >my mother passed away
    Это, кстати, распространенный миф, что смерть матери Сакагути произошла во время работы над семеркой (и якобы Гуч убил Аэрис именно поэтому). На самом деле его мать умерла в 1988 году, когда Сакагути работал над FFIII.