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the 3rd birthday ending

На геймфаках темы пропадают периодически, поэтому на всякий случай сохраню.
Вопросы к концовке The 3rd Birthday.

  • How does Eve-in-Aya's-body even know who Maeda is? She never met him before, but they act like they are old acquaintance's meeting again. Maeda even asks Eve-in-Aya's-body if she remembers what their relationship was like before, and she answers.
  • Isn't time travel and having creature's born from Aya's "soul" moving this game away from one type of science-fiction to another? (Less mitochondria type sci-fi and more magic and power-of-love and HG Wells type fantasy)
  • Why was the SWAT team in the church, gunning them down? Is this a typical New York wedding?
  • How did the SWAT team get inside the church with the front door locked? Were they hiding under the pews?
  • If Emily, Gabrielle, and Cray are friends of the bride - why are they being made to wait outside? How come Hyde gets to watch the wedding but the other three have to stand behind a locked door? 
  • What kind of church locks the front door during a wedding?
  • Hyde is sitting on the groom's side, does that make him more of a friend of Kyle's?
  • If Kyle (dead) turns into a High One as a result of Eve's body degenerating near him, how come the SWAT team & priest (also dead) don't become High Ones as well?
  • OK, Hyde dies and now Eve & Aya are still alive due to... whatever reason's. Eve is in her own body so it won't deteriorate into a bunch of High Ones, and Aya's soul isn't (is?) destroyed so it won't turn into the Twisted. So then what was the point of swapping bodies and getting shot in the chest?
  • If Eve's overdive destroyed Ava's soul and converted it into The Twisted - why does Aya get back up (soulless and shot up) to explain that her soul was already just destroyed? Shouldn't it be off to create the twisted now, or is it on a countdown timer? Can you walk around and shoot people without a soul? Is she zombie Aya? How does getting shot in the chest after the "soul has been destroyed" prevent the already destroyed soul from getting worse?
  • As soon as Eve-in-Aya's-body shoots Aya-in-Eve's-body, you see "Aya" crying and Kyle's "ghost" starts speaking to her about how their love is eternal. So either that is Eve-in-Aya's-body, who shouldn't know what the fudge Kyle is talking about. Or it is Aya-in-Aya's-body, who just 10 seconds earlier got stuck in her sister's body and blown away. So who is Kyle talking to?
  • How does Kyle come back to life from a teardrop? Can Eve/Aya resurrect the dead?
  • Did Eve/Aya cry on the priest too, so that he could come back to life and finish the ceremony? 
  • How does the priest so calmly continue with the wedding ceremony after a SWAT team teleports into the pew's as if God himself had sent them, said SWAT team explodes him like a blood sausage, dying, and being resurrected? All the while that same SWAT team and a little girl are now lying dead in the isle's? Or is this also a typical New York wedding?
  • If you were an early-teen's kid and suddenly had to permanently inhabit the body of your late-30's sibling, wouldn't that creep you out?
  • Would you then try to marry your sister's fiancée, without telling him that you recently hijacked her body? Wouldn't that creep him out?
  • How does Kyle know that's Eve in Aya's body? 
  • Kyle calmly decides to go on a journey to find eternity. How do you start that kind of adventure? (Maybe Eternity is the name of their cat?)
  • Why does Eve destroy Aya's soul by overdiving into her body, but for everyone else it's more like demonic possession? Why does it erase Eve's memory this one time, but not on anyone else? How come when Eve ascends back to headquarters the body she's "borrowed" faints instead of going on like nothing has happened?
  • Do clones (like Eve) have souls to go throwing at other people? (Maybe I'm getting too philosophical with this one)
  • Keith Burrows, Edgar Nelson, Jamie Denton, Valerio Neglia, Tatiana Illizarov, Louise Brier, Erich Graf....... who are these people? They're listed with the other CTI Members in the records menu. But I can't remember them having the slightest appearance, or even being referenced to.
  • What exactly happened to Thelonious Cray? Somehow he died and got erased from existence, I get that much. But how? He doesn't turn into a twisted or get killed by Aya or drop dead from bodily injury. He briefly floats into the air, turns red, and disappears. And that happened, because....?
  • If every time Hyde dies he goes back in time and starts the whole thing over again, and remembers everything, why does he need the babel to go back in time? Why not just die again and start trying to alter things differently from there?
  • Why IS Hyde trapped in a time loop anyway? Is this ever explained in any way, shape, or form?
  • What was the point of the phantom Eve with her face missing? Why do some of the soldier's see her?
  • Why does Aya's clothing get ripped up and torn as she gets damaged? No, really. I thought she was diving her soul into the bodies of other people. Is she literally bringing her wardrobe with her? Picture you're one of many soldier's on a suicide mission inside the Babel, turn to your left and Frank is suddenly wearing a maid's outfit strait out of Lover's Package. They don't wonder about this? They don't wonder why the same frilly sex costume keeps getting swapped between them?
  • Are "The High Ones" called that because they act like they're constantly high?
  • How come both Maeda and Hyde came up with the same name - The High Ones? Do they share notes?
  • In Episode 4 & 5 Eve is overdiving in real time, leaving Aya's soulless and limp body all alone with Maeda. Is that really a good idea? Would Aya appreciate the situation's Eve is putting her body in?
  • What is this "possibility of Eve's existence" they talk about? Her body deteriorated, her soul inhabits Aya's body, there is no possibility! Even the way Hyde repeats it makes it sound like he thinks Blank's an idiot for even suggesting it.
  • Also why does Aya accuse Hyde of putting her up against the High Ones, and why does he admit to it? I can see it in Episode 1 where he sent her to Club Sacrifice where she fought Emily, but in Episode 2 he sends her on a rescue mission to save Cray (which makes no sense since he wants them dead to power the Babel, but whatever) then he gets gassed and is unconscious/dead when Boss Owen tells her to go to Gabrielle. In Episode 3, Aya decides to go to Operation Red Fog because Kyle told her to. In Episode 4, Aya goes to the North Shallows Tower because there were reports that Kyle had gone there. In Episode 5, she goes after Hyde in the Grand Babel because it's not like there's anything else she can do. Only one of those was obviously Hyde's doing, the rest don't seem like he had much influence at all.
И напоследок: когда Кайл, умирая, вздрачивал на Айю:
1) это была не Айя, и если он такой умник, то должен был это знать
2) в любом случае девкато была овердайвнута в тело мужика, так что--


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