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In LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII, you are once again Lightning in the long-awaited conclusion to her saga. We wanted to get your thoughts on what you like best about her. By letting us know, we'll also reward you with 5 members points if you're a Square Enix Member.

Ну, и ответы там пошли соответствующие.
  • I hate all of Lightning's qualities as her only good quality is her looks
  • Qualities? She is the most boring character ever!
  • I think she is very bland.
  • There really isn't any likeable qualities to Lightning. She's quite one dimensional and boring to the point where I'm just irritated whenever she's brought up. Final Fantasy XIII should have stayed at one game; the world and characters weren't good enough for two additional sequels (это, кстати, говорит хозяйка novacrystallis.com)
  • Qualities I like most about Lightning?, it is hard to notice any good qualities about Lightning because she isn't a well developed and written character
  • The writers' obcession with a Mary Sue type of character. Liking Lightning requires a fine taste on fanfiction writing, which is fitting for a product marketed to those who are yet too young to have developed their taste.

Ну и, конечно, не обошлось без ответов от братьев наших меньших.
  • Lightnin is of only the best with your personality and strong solitary
  • she does care about her family. And she is a female...
  • Lightning a heroine rather a goddess herself....iconic and elegant...she deserves the honour
  • She is a lonely wolf but, in the XIII and XIII-2 she learned that she is not alone, she has friends. So she improved herself. A lesson for us.
  • My favorite characteristics are how she is very standoffish and is not afraid to be a loan wolf.
  • Her perseverance and attitude to push forward no matter what lye's ahead.

Мой развернутый ответ их комменты почему-то не приняли.

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  1. "Мой развернутый ответ их комменты почему-то не приняли".

    Enjoy your Russia?

    А вообще попробуй ещё раз. Может, там также банальное ограничение на кол-во символов, о которых на сайте не предупреждают.

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  3. >standoffish and is not afraid to be a loan wolf

    Стояние рыбы и волк-ростовщик

  4. Бля, с loan wolf в голос просто :DD