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Давайте просто посмотрим, чем фф15 так и не стала

Что Номура говорил о Версусе:
What I want to do is to examine the humanity of the characters in this game. This is not going to be a fantasy world in the traditional Final Fantasy sense. Rather it's based in the world today with all of this world's ugly issues. There's this mainstream tradition of Final Fantasy games and, in Versus I'm trying to propose new vision of how a Final Fantasy game can be. The game's going to be more human than the science-fiction caricature we so often see. It will focus around current world events - in that sense it's darker.
This game might be closer to my real-life taste than kingdom Hearts is, for example, but there are undoubtedly areas of crossover. Kingdom Hearts is an example of a game world which I have worked on which is full of good things, light and magic. That's fine but I've worked in these worlds for a long time, perhaps too long, and it's time to work on a new kind of world - a bleaker place. This kind of theme is traditionally unappealing to a mainstream audience who want to role-play in generally happy and safe worlds. It's a challenge.

Про мир:
The cityscape is a part of the main character's home country. But the entire world isn't as advanced. Surrounding the main character's modern city-like country is a world that's stuck in the middle ages. The main character's country is the only one that's reached modern times.
We hear a radio broadcast discussing an end to a cold war. This cold war was over crystals. The main character's country has crystals. In fact, the main character is part of a royal family who has, for generations protected the crystals. The outside world once had crystals, but lost them due to continued war. They focus their resources on weapons rather than the development of their culture, which has left them in their current backwards state. Nomura likened the main character's royal family to the modern day mafia.\ 
Nomura wants to make the main character's entire country into a battle field. He also has to deal with the outside world, though, and he's concerned that the game world may end up being too big. The game will have air ships, over which players will have direct control
Nomura closed off by expressing his desire to make Versus XIII the last numbered Final Fantasy game he works on as director. 
Про показанное в трейлере:

  • The story of Final Fantasy Versus XIII has the enemy kingdom of Niflheim invading Noctis' country, beginning an "escape drama" for Noctis and his friends. However, Noctis thinks of himself not as fleeing but as pursuing the enemy.
  • Noctics' father, the king, saying to someone that he won't give up the throne and will be the final king. 
  • confrontations take place in the castle, but in different locations within the castle. The inside castle is being made large, said Nomura, and players will be able to move their character around in it.
  • as Versus XIII is based off the same mythology as FFXIII, the term l'Cie and other such terms will appear. However, going along with the modern look of the world, the language used in the conversation will also be modern. He didn't explain what this means precisely in terms of the use of the phrases.
  • you'll be able to ride Magitek Armor mecha and Chocobos.  
  • Noctis and Stella speaking about the goddess Etro during a scene in the trailer. They mention something about sharing the ability to see a certain "light."
  • As you advance in the game, you'll gain the ability to select your members. You're free to switch off between the three party members during battle.
  • Noctis can also also use guns of course, but when he does so he fires with auto aim. The blonde character, on the other hand, will display a targeting reticule, allowing you to aim for enemy weak points.
  • The city scene where Noctis is facing off against the behemoth is full of destroyable objects -- for instance, the trees and electricity poles. 
  • The trailer shows just a section of the game's starting country -- that is, the kingdom ruled by Noctis' father. There are also other large kingdoms, and in between them you'll find villages. Even the villages are expansive. Nomura was once again surprised by the size when checking the game.

И еще:
  • It feels like I am creating the FF7.
  • Since this is a final fantasy game, the side characters are playable too.
  • Stella is the first female character that will stand out from all previous Final Fantasy’s. She is a very ladylike character. Not the humble type, more of a character that moves according to her beliefs.

Про то, что за него все делают ко-директоры (и почему не работает оправдание "Номура нужен на КН3"):
  • Actually I am not very good at managing myself, especially at managing lots of different projects, but because of my staff and all the staffs are very very intelligent, very good and very capable I’m able to run all the different projects at the same time. And also the most important are the Co-Directors in each project, again they are very capable and skilled people, they are the people actually managing the actual everyday job on the ground. That’s why I’m here, they are supporting me all the time.
  • Noctis is kind of like my latest boy, or latest son and I expect him to be more clever than Cloud.
  • When I created Stella, back in 2007, I actually created something that is not my type of character, but obviously time has past since then, about six years now, and then she actually became something that I quite like now.
  • Noctis got red eyes because he got the ability of teleportation, so that’s why when he did that, his eyes got red. 
  • The reason why we bringed Tabata-san into the team is because he always said to me that it wanted to join the Final Fantasy XV project

 И всё, пиздец

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